How to use

Use instead of your regular pillowcase.

How does it work

The satin pillowcase supports your hair health while you sleep. The smooth, silky fabric, means that hair can glide gently across the pillow as you move in your sleep at night, meaning a reduction in friction between your hair and your pillowcase and reduction in frizz, breakage and static in your hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this pillowcase fit a standard sized pillow?

Yes, this will fit a standard sized pillow. 

Why is a satin pillowcase better for your hair?

Unlike cotton, satin is not absorbant, meaning it doesn't dry out your hair overnight and retains the hair's natural oils better. The smooth texture of the fabric also mean hair doesn't get tangled and damaged as you move in your sleep.

Can I sleep with this pillowcase every night?

Yes we would encourage you to use this pillow case daily! We would recommend washing this at the same time as you would wash your normal bedding.

How do I wash this?

Handwash or delicate wash in cold water alone, do not bleach or iron.

Is this better than a silk pillowcase?

As well as being vegan friendly which silk is not, satin is actually better for your hair. This is because the material fibres are woven and therefore more forgiving, moving with your hair more than silk fabrics. 

How long should a Satin Pillowcase last?

With our recommended wash care instructions and use, there will be no reason to replace your pillowcase.

Would this benefit my skin additionally?

Yes, not only can it prevent sleep crease, it retains moisture in your skin as the fabric is not absorbant like cotton. This also means your skincare will not absorb in to your pillowcase.

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